Effective Communication in the Change Process

The way of communication to successfully promote a change process differs in some aspects from the communication described in classic project management models.

It is less about (too) comprehensive information on the factual level, but more about motivation and achieving convincement and willingness.

Change experts emphasize the aspect of leadership. Not only information but sensually experienced confirmation of the will to change. Of course these statements primarily apply to projects of very fundamental enterprise changes, but creating the right spirit is also beneficial in introductory processes below this level.

While according to our experience the usual channels:

  • reports
  • documentations
  • meetings
  • intranet
  • presentations
  • newsletters

work well for conveying the absolute necessary information, Winfried Berner and colleagues emphasize with good reason the impact of speech (in the literal sense) as a means of leadership in order to set an example of determination in a credible way and thus to prevent doubts and rumors.

No movies of Powerpoint slides nineteen to the dozen, but oral conviction by executives in a smaller or larger context from a department meeting up to a company assembly – it depends of course on the type of change and the reach of its consequences, which target groups will have to be addressed.

Generally spoken though, one cannot overestimate the principal benefit of listening to a genuine person in flesh speaking with conviction, particularly in a more and more virtual world.

Of course this does not rule out the possibility that – in certain cases – a mobile website or even a specific app may just deliver the supporting kick needed.

Bottom Line:

A communication strategy out of the drawer will not be good for anything, because people have to be reached, touched and won; people who are different, think different and feel different in each company.

That is why vero projects will always create an individual communications plan together with those colleagues of the customer’s company who are at home and know the lay of the land. Jointly and combined with our experience of many other companies we will make not only – as a German saying goes – “a shoe out of it”, but a whole pair of ’em.


Many channels are “in” but not always optimal
Committed and personal appeal…
…leads to less rumors and office grapevine