General Terms and Conditions

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§ 1 General

vero projects provides a service to the customer. Type, scope and conditions of the service are defined in the current proposal. The services are performed with due care in accordance with prevailing professional standards. They are considered to be fulfilled if and when the results defined in the proposal are delivered.

§ 2 Area of Validity

These General Terms and Conditions are valid for all services of vero projects. So far as service contracts or proposals of vero projects contain clauses in written form which are at variance with these General Terms and Conditions, the individuell offered or agreed contract clauses override these general terms.

§ 3 Service Provision and Cooperation

vero projects cares for the quality of the service according to internationally established project management standards (PMI®, PRINCE 2 ™ or IPMA).

In order to facilitate the desired professional work, the customer commits themselves to support vero projects in fulfilling the service to the best of their ability and to provide all necessary conditions. The customer will actively contribute to the service provision either personally or by their employees:

  • All information needed or relevant for the provision of services will be put to vero project’s disposal by the customer in good time, without special request and – whenever possible – in written form.
  • Intermediate results and reports delivered by vero projects will be checked by the customer without delay, making sure that any contained information on the customer and their enterprise are correct. Necessary corrections as well as change requests will be advised to vero projects also without delay.
  • Members of the customer’s staff needed for the project will be assigned and available as described in the proposal.
  • If services are provided at the customer’s premises the organizational and technical conditions will be taken care of by the customer in order to allow for advantageous work and quick progress.
  • At closure of the assignment the customer obliges to perform an appraisal of vero projects using the proper form delivered by vero projects.

vero projects is entitled to perform the service completely or partially by assigning professional (freelance) partners or own employees.

§ 4 Impediments to Performance, Delay, Impossibility

vero projects only enters into default if they can be hold responsible for delays. vero projects is not liable e.g. for an unforeseeable outage of a cooperation partner or employee designated for the project, force majeure and other events being not predictable at the time of commission and which render the agreed service (at least temporarily) impossible or unreasonably impede fulfillment. If such impediments render fulfillment permanently impossible, vero projects will be exempted from their contractual obligations.

In case these impediments exist temporarily, vero projects will be entitled to postpone the fulfillment of their obligations by the same time period allowing for a reasonable ramp-up time.

§ 5 Duration and Termination

Upon signing the commission the proposal enters into force as a contract for the agreed period. The right to extraordinary termination for important reason remains unaffected for both parties. Such termination has to be made in writing. All efforts incurred by vero projects before receipt of a premature termination will have to be invoiced and paid.

§ 6 Confidentiality

vero projects ist liable to treat confidential and not to disclose all internal facts and circumstances regarding the commissioning company which have become known to vero projects in connection with their activities concerning this commission,especially information on trade and business secrets. This obligation of confidentiality shall continue to apply as well after the termination of the commission.

§ 7 Liability

In any case vero projects shall be liable for intentional acts and gross negligence regardless of the legal reason. Further liability shall be excluded to the extent permitted by law. The liability of vero projects shall be limited to the amount of emuneration as far as this is legit.

If and insofar as possible faults base on the customer not having fulfilled their cooperation duties completely or in due time, the liability of vero projects is excluded. In the event of dispute the customer will provide proof of complete and timely fulfillment of all cooperation duties.

§ 8 Non-Solicitation Agreement

The customer is not allowed to recruit freelance or direct employed staff of vero projects as well as vero projects’ sub contractors. It is equally prohibited to commission the aforementioned persons or companies directly. In the case of infringement vero projects is entitled to claim the loss of profit. vero projects covenants not to recruit employees of the customer. In the case of infringement the customer is entitled to claim compensation for the actually caused damage.

§ 9 Usage Rights

vero projects has the right to use documents which have been created under this commission for their own business purposes as far as vero projects does not trespass against the obligation to confidentiality.

vero projects has the right to depict the customer’s logo on the references page of their website

Status: 08-01-2014