Welcome to the World of Project Management

It is a world of the concrete realization of goals: always practical, theory only when needed.

We know by customer feedback which of our qualities they appreciate most: the ability to bring the apparent complexity  into orderly structures by means of good listening and consequent realization.

This is the reason why we have the well-known “little appleman” in our logo.

Job Posting

We are looking to fill the following position as soon as possible:

Project Assistance / Project Management Office

You can find the complete job description here.

Not only Talking – Acting is the Real Thing

Our credo is the responsible realization of your project goals.

Though of course we advise our customers as well, based on our experience, we don’t consider ourselves as consultants. We are practitioners of project management – mostly certified.

You can benefit from this fact in various situations:

  • You venture something entirely new to you
    – so you need a strong partner in project management and new stimuli from outside
  • You don’t have the appropriate project resources, or they are currently working to their capacity
    – we do for you
  • You want to assign your own staff but there is some lack of experience or special skills
    – we can help to improve

This meets your expectations? Welcome once again to the right place. Glance around our pages, learn more about our services and contact us.