Vision & Philosophy


  • Enterprises will accomplish innovation and change as the most important strategic task in order to remain competitive.
  • Cooperation even overcoming company borders becomes the normal case. Integrative control
    of interfaces will be the key competence.
  • We do not only use our competence in cooperative project management in order to ensure the
    realization of change but we are also the innovative motor of this collaboration.


  • We don’t draw colorful pictures but we assume responsibility
  • We integrate into your organization and are no alien elements
  • We activate your staff, support them and instruct them where necessary
  • We roll up our sleeves and work along – sometimes we are “inconvenient”
  • We conduct candid discussions and know how to listen. We admit our faults.
  • We don’t adorn ourselves with borrowed plumes
  • Any kind of grand entrance is not our style


Our values are represented by our name. The name vero does not only stand for veracity,
but it is also an acronym for:

value – excellence – realization – outcome