Project Case Studies

Selected project samples give a glimpse of our fields of activity and our line of procedure. Of course this has to be brief in this context. If you take a more detailed interest in single professional experiences you’re welcome to contact us.

In some of the indicated cases we have to anonymize the customer in order to comply to our Non Disclosure Agreements.

Line of Business: books wholesale / publishing services
Project: Joint Venture Print on Demand
Role: project manager
Duration of Assignment: 26 months

Proceeding: Creation of a suitable work breakdown structure (WBS) in order to define the binding scope: Business Plan, Contracts and Legal Issues, Marketing, Sales & Content Acquisition, Business Processes, Facilities / Rebuilding, Print Production Lines, IT Systems & Integration, Organization / HR

Print on Demand

Line of Business: cosmetics production and MLM
Project: ERP implementation Lawson M3
Role: project manager
Duration of Assignment: 19 months

Proceeding: New creation of a project plan as a basis for effective project controlling, control of progress determination, control and assessment of potential cost drivers, Quality Control, improving general communication process between departments´ owners and supplier´s business analysts, management of the sub project Output Management

ERP Implementation

Line of Business: public services / port management
Project: Implementation of PRINCE2 based PM Methods
Roles: project manager and PMO
Duration of Assignment: 15 months

Proceeding: (Minding current situation and company culture) evaluation and stocktaking, inspection of tools and templates, introduction of a project management procedure model with involvement of the parties concerned, organization development, setup of Sharepoint ready for use, individual Sharepoint configuration and implementation
of the procedure model, creation of all document templates, establishment of the PMO, training of all staff involved

PRINCE2 Implementation

Line of Business: commerce / soft- and hardware
Project: Cashier Systems – Interim Mgmt. and Project Rescue
Role: project manager
Duration of Assignment: 13 months

Proceeding: Crisis management, e.g. clarifying prioritization, joint steering committee with the customer, realistic re-planning of both projects, operative project management and simultaneous implementation of project management standards, motivation of the staff, internal resource management, acquisition and management of external resources

Cashier Systems

Line of Business: automotive
Project: Documents & Records in Motion (DRIM)
Role: project manager
Duration of Assignment: 11 months

Proceeding: Development of consensus project plan, enforcing collaboration between the geographically widespread partners by a network of telephone conferences in a tight schedule, consequent tracking of results with transparent and binding task lists, integration of general works councils into process by applying suitable information politics to ensure consensus, individual agreements and personal interviews with employees to strengthen willingness to take initiative and accept further responsibilities, coordination of international rollout plan for the Captiva scan solution


Line of Business: telecommunications
Project: Call Recording / Audio Analysis Call Center
Role: sub project manager and PMO
Duration of Assignment: 10 months

Proceeding: PMO Function: Creation of task lists in the function of binding meeting minutes, allocation of personal unique IDs to avoid misunderstandings, mandatory status reports and committed due dates, adding further checklists to task lists for efficient reporting, development of central configuration baseline, coherent quality monitoring and business performance management, cooperation with specialists teams to ensure a valid baseline at any time

Recording Call Center

Line of Business: container logistics
Project: Innovation Cooperation Loading Technology
Role: project manager
Duration of Assignment: 9 months

Proceeding: Preliminary talks with HPA to understand exactly their goals and receive concrete basic data, meetings with all companies of consortium to examine capabilities of new technology, creation of logistic concepts based on the parameters provided by HPA, performance calculations for various metrocargo configurations, initial efficiency analysis to examine ability to comply to the upper cost limits, integration of concept and analyses into a Proof of Concept final joint workshop with HPA and metrocargo


Line of Business: IT Service Provider
Project: Operation of the Project Office WAN Outsourcing
Role: PMO
Duration of Assignment: 10 months

Proceeding: Project planning with MS Project, clear work package descriptions, inter-site task tracking for everyone involved, weekly status reports and additional reports on request of the customer, project controlling in time, cost and quality, transparent documentation and project file, coaching and organizational development