Optimization of Project Management

The Real Starting Position

Especially in mid-sized companies project management often has developed "hand to mouth" in the first place and then grown with its tasks. Operational necessities prevented more often than not to tidy up and develop a viable procedure model comprehensible by all members of the staff.

Why should one want a Procedure Model?

No one wants to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Each new project takes up speed more easily and provides less trouble, if and when everybody involved knows what has to be done, when, in which order etc.

Even though each project is "unique" by definition, there are nonetheless proven best practices which can help by way of standardization without coloring everything with the same brush.

If this set of rules is well documented eventually, changes in staff or integration of external resources will be much easier as well.

What should a Procedure Model comprise?

Anything that can be reasonably standardized for different projects. This may e.g. involve :

  • organizational structure
  • processes
  • methods
  • instructions and guidelines
  • software and other tools
  • document templates